Sunday, May 26, 2013

TPB Read and Review

When I first started this blog, I knew I wanted to do some sort of comic book read-along a review type project - something where we could all read the same book, then share our thoughts and opinions. I guess it would be something like a book club or a review club.

I guess I just lost track of that goal somewhere along the way.

Now, though, I'm ready to make it happen!

As you may know from reading some of my previous posts, I'm not getting a lot of single issues anymore. I've instead switched over to reading more trades because 1.) the story is all together and I don't have to wait weeks between books and 2.) it's much more affordable. So, instead of making this a read and review for comic book issues, it's going to be a read and review for trades!

Each month I'll choose 3 books from my shelves, read them, and then review them at the end of the month. You can choose to read all four books with me, or just one or two.

If you're on Goodreads, I've created a group for this read and review project here. I'll be sharing my reviews here on the blog, as well as on the Goodreads group. If you're participating, you can also share your review on the Goodreads group. IT will be fun!

Are you ready to see the first three books I chose to read and review?

First off we have our DC title for the month - The Killing Joke!

I thought it would be fun to start off with a classic. You can never go wrong with Batman and The Joker!

Next, for the Marvel title I chose Cable & Deadpool Separation Anxiety.

Yet another book that's guaranteed to be a good read!

Finally, for the indie title I chose the Image book Heaven, LLC.

This is a book I picked up at the STL Wizard World Comic-Con and have been waiting to read ever since.

I hope to see you all over at Goodreads this month and on here at the end of June when I'll be posting all my reviews. Thanks for reading!

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