Sunday, April 7, 2013

This Week in Comics - Week 5

There's nothing too interesting to report for this week. It was back to work and back to school for us.
While I enjoyed being home for spring break, it was nice to get back into our usual routine and definitely nice to be making money again. My paycheck took a big hit with spring break. That's the big downside to working in the school system.

On to this week's comics! They're in no particular order this time.

Clearly, a very good reading week!

First up we have Detective Comics #17. Awesome story! I was surprised, because I've been unimpressed by most of the bat family titles lately. I really liked reading about the Merrymaker and hope to see him pop up again.

Next is Deathstroke #17 and #18. Why did they cancel this series?! It's so good! I love Deathstroke and I don't think any issue of his has been bad. I haven't read them all, but I plan on collecting single issues of the New 52 run. These issues were just as great as all the others have been. If you aren't reading Deathstroke, DO IT!

As you can see, I finally got around to reading Uncanny Avengers issues #1-#4. I loved each and every issue! It's too bad I've cancelled the majority of my subs, because I would really like to keep reading this monthly. The story arc was very interesting and original. I love the concept of what someone else would do with Charles Xavier's powers.

The biggest reading event this week was Punisher Nightmare #1-#5. I read two issues on Tuesday, then one each day until Friday. It was a great and very thought-provoking read. I'm glad I didn't read these as they came out, but rather kept them to read all at once. I may have been lost otherwise. The first issue started off somewhat slowly, and the second issue was incredible, but confusing. Things were more clear in the last three issues, though. I think this is something I'll buy in trade, despite having the single issues. It will be nice to read this story again and again.

Finally, the star of the week was Colder #5. This has been an amazing story! I've loved every single second of it! Just like Punisher Nightmare, I'll definitely be buying this in trade. It's SUCH a good story with incredible art. I can't communicate how much I enjoyed this series.

I also got a small shipment of new comics in the mail this week. It's weird to get such a small box after months of getting boxes with over $200 worth of comics. I know it makes more sense financially to buy trades, but I'm still sad that I'll be missing out on that experience of reading the monthly issues.

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