Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 10 Moments in 2012

I thought about writing a full, month-by-month recap of 2012 complete with pictures, links and posts from Facebook. In fact, I did write this post through May, then realized it was a little too much.
Instead, I've decided that top 10 lists are the way to go.

Top 10 Moments in 2012
in no particular order

10.) Changing majors, changing schools

My second semester in 2011 was horrible. I didn't pass any of my classes, despite spending SO much time studying, SO much time trying. I traveled to Champaign, IL twice to take a test that I failed miserably both times. After having always been an "A" student, it was embarrassing.
I hoped 2012 would be better. I did manage to pass medical terminology in January, but it was the same old story with my other classes. I knew I was going to fail another semester and lose my financial aid.
My only option was to find a different school to switch to. After researching a few online schools, I chose DeVry because they offered a computer forensics specialty that I was really interested in. This changed turned out to be exactly what I needed.
The way DeVry structures their classes works so much better for me. I'm backing to getting "A's" and have maintained a 4.0 GPA through 4 classes so far.

9.) My first concert

2012 was destined to be the year of my first concert. I had tickets to go to a concert with someone early in the year, but that didn't work out. The next time I made plans, though, it happened.
It was a Crossfade concert at Pop's on Father's day, and it was a pretty fun night. We were in the front, right against the stage the entire time.
I've been to three more concerts since then.

8.) Getting a new job

I guess I should say another job since I didn't leave the first one.
When I got the call to schedule an interview at Southtown Youth Center to be a Pre-K aide, I was ridiculously excited! My mom and Mark were out of town on a vacation I was supposed to be a part of (glad that didn't work out), so I had to find a ride and a babysitter. Grandma Sandra was able to take off work and help me out.
The interview went well, and I got the job!
It has been a great experience so far. If there was more demand and more money in teaching, I would definitely want to be a teacher.

7.) Getting my first tattoo

And my second. And my third
They're just as addictive as everyone says.

6.) Getting some time to myself

When I had Izak, that was the end to me having time to myself. It didn't help that I had major trust issues and wouldn't leave him (or Lailah) with anyone other than my mom. She never liked to babysit much, which left me having very little time to myself
This year, though, Chad found a girlfriend. Chad moved in with his girlfriend, which meant Chad finally had a place to call home. This led to Chad being able to babysit the kids when I needed him to, which eventually led to the kids spending every weekend at Dad's house.
Lailah doesn't enjoy it much, my I feel so much more refreshed and energized through the week after having my weekends "off."

5.) Collecting comics

This year I made to switch from digital to physical comics.
The change hasn't been great for my bank account (I pirated the digitals), but there's nothing like getting a fat box of comic books in the mail and flipping through the pages.
Another amazing experience that goes with this one is visiting my first comic book store. We go to Fantasy Books in Fairview Heights, IL and it's so much fun every time. I feel like an excited 10-year-old boy in there.

4.) My first trip to a bar

There were a lot of firsts this year, and going to a bar was one of them.
It was a great night for more than just that reason, though, because it was the night Josh and I started officially dating.

3.) Batman Live!

It was sooooo cool!!!
Batman Live was like a mix of circus, magic show and BATMAN! Does it get any better? I was really impressed, and didn't actually expect it to be so good.

2.) Meeting Josh

Awww, I had to put some mushy mush fluff in here somewhere.
Technically, I probably met him in 2011 when he came to the coffee shop for water, but I'm going to consider it 2012 because it's the first time we really talked.
Talking a little bit at the coffee shop let to texting, which led to a date, which led to more dates, which led to that night at the bar, which led to the best relationship I've ever had.
I'm hoping it will just keep getting better in 2013.

1.) Getting my license

The number one moment of the year was getting my license!
It was a tough choice between this and meeting Josh, but I've waited for my license for SO much longer.
I didn't even expect to get my license this year, but when I got the new job I really needed to be able to drive, so I did it.

On tomorrow's agenda? Top 10 photos of 2012!

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