Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 Photos of 2012

These are NOT in order of awesomeness, just in chronological order. Maybe I should do 12?

Miss Lailah at her third birthday party. I love her big, cheesy smile. You can see how happy and excited she is! January 2012

Izak at his sixth birthday party. He had just went outside and discovered his big present - a new swingset at T Ty's house! May 2012

This shows Miss Lailah and her long hair after it had been straightened. This is when I first noticed how much she's growing up. May 2012

Me, Nick and Mom. We don't take many pictures together because I always protest, but I had just highlighted my hair and was willing to give in. This was totally unplanned, yet we coordinated well. June 2012

My favorite picture of myself this year. Does all the happiness show? June 2012

My two sweet babies giving each other a big hug! I let Izak grow his hair out all summer, and this was just before he got it buzzed for school. July 2012

This guy is the reason I'm so happy all the time. August 2012

My sweeties are all ready for school. Izak was into his third week of first grade, and Lailah was about to have her first day in Pre-K! August 2012

Pumpkin guts! The kids loved helping carve pumpkins, but they especially liked the messy insides. October 2012

I couldn't forget to add a picture of Halloween! Darth Vader and Spidergirl were pretty cool this year, don't you think? October 2012

All ready to attend Izak's Christmas program. December 2012

Lailah and Izak posing in front of the tree at T Ty's house on Christmas. December 2012

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