Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Netflix VS Hulu Plus VS Amazon Prime

I don't get cable. It's a waste of money and a waste of brain power.
I know that if I had cable, I would have the TV on all the time. It would be background noise, a time filler.
That's not something I want in our life.

We still need entertainment, though. We still like to watch TV and movies.

For the past two years or so, we've used Netflix.
There are also some shows, like Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood, that I watch free online.

A few weeks ago I figured we would try something new, so I cancelled Netflix and subscribed to Hulu Plus.
At first, Hulu Plus seemed pretty cool. After spending a few hours browsing, though, I realized that it's severely lacking in many areas.
Hulu Plus is no substitute for Netflix.

Then I started looking through the other TV apps for PS3.
I noticed an Amazon Prime app and thought, "Hey, I have Amazon Prime." I knew they had instant videos and movies, but had never really checked it out.
Why would I when I have Netflix?
I used Amazon Prime for the shipping and the Kindle lending library, but since I'm already paying for it, why not use the video/movie service as well?

Amazon Prime is good. It's similar to Netflix, but less expansive. It has some things that Netflix doesn't have, too. I like that.

Still missing my Netflix, though, I renewed my subscription.
Now I have all three services, and I'm probably going to keep it that way.

Hulu Plus is best for watching new shows as they come out. I can watch new episodes of Family Guy, Grey's, Private Practice, Parenthood, etc. on the TV instead of my laptop.
Technically I could always do that by hooking up the HDMI cord to the laptop, but it's different.
The kids like Hulu Plus because they can watch lots of Nickelodeon shows like TMNT and Robot & Monster.

Their movie selection kinda stinks, though.

I'm keeping Amazon Prime because, well, I already pay for it.
The kids love it because they can watch CatDog, a show I've been telling them about for years but have never had access to through Netflix.

I like the way Amazon Prime is set up. They have a few shows that Netflix doesn't have, and I can rent shows and movies directly through the app.

Then there's Netflix, king of all instant video services.
I just can't live without it. Netflix has the best selection of movies, TV shows, kids programs and basically everything you could ever want.

Netflix > Amazon Prime > Hulu Plus

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