Thursday, March 28, 2013

Draw My Life

No, I don't actually have one of those awesome draw my life videos. I'm just talking about them.

So anyway, I've been a huge Jenna Marbles fan for a while and today I saw that she posted a draw my life video. These videos have been making their way around YouTube, and they're really cool. The vlogger draws pictures on a whiteboard while narrating a brief recap of their childhood, teen years, young adulthood, etc.

Here's Jenna's version - really great!

Since I liked her video so much, I started looking around YouTube for other draw my life videos.

They're all pretty interesting, and it's nice to see that a lot of people have similar stories. A lot of people had to deal with broken families, moving away, not being popular, breakups, etc. It made me feel like I had something in common with them because my life hasn't exactly been all sunshine and rainbows either.

Then I started thinking about what my draw my life video would look like. Not that I actually plan on making one, though! They seem like a LOT of work, although probably worth it.

Anywho, my video would be crazy! I started thinking about all the step-dads I would have to list, moving every few years, living in a meth house (we'll save that story for another time), losing a baby brother, my first teen pregnancy, my teen marriage, my second teen pregnancy, etc. My video would be way too long and way too complicated.

Then I thought about how the video would end. They always end with what's going on right now in the person's life because obviously the person doesn't know what the actual end of their life will be like.

My end would be great! This is the most normal and most stable my life has ever been. Sure, it's not perfect. I'm not settled into my life just yet. I still have to finish school, graduate, move to a new city and get my career started. I want to buy a home and maybe even get married for real some day. For where I'm at right now, though, life's good.

Hopefully by the time my children are old enough to make a draw my life video, theirs can be a little less complicated.

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